What is this course about?
The Bachelor of Industrial Design provides students with an understanding of the place of design in the context of the manufacturing, economic and environmental systems, providing the foundation for the design of products that are functional, have manufacturability and are sustainable over the long term. The course covers the visual and tactile qualities of products, as well as their function, ergonomics and manufacture, and their effect on the environment and society.
This course develops a solid understanding of design practices that allows versatility in employment and career choices. Graduates can adapt successfully to industrial and social change and are capable of taking leadership roles in industry.

What is the course duration?
The course is offered on a four-year, full-time basis. Attendance is generally five full days a week.
This is a practice-based design course, which encourages students to think creatively and explore design issues through research and an awareness of sustainable issues in design. Students explore and challenge the parameters of industrial design.
Graduates demonstrate practical solutions to designs in a creative and innovative way, taking into account practical issues such as ergonomics, manufacturing technologies, and responsible design. The course also has emphasis on collaborative work, information handling and use of electronic technologies.